Tailored safety

Lifetexsafety is supplier for UniTech Services Group

UniTech Services Group, with two processing facilities and R&D locations is the leading provider of protective garment management services for the nuclear industry in Europe.

Nuclear Garment

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Lifetexsafety produces exclusively for RF Shielding Solutions

RF Shielding Solutions (also known as BUYRF) have been working in the RF Evironment for over 30 years with staff in UK, USA, Germany and Ireland.
The customer base include Military, Police, Telecomms and General Industry with customers across Europe, USA, Germany, Jordan, Saudi Arabia to name a few.
RF Shielding Solutions is a world leader in RF and Radiological protective products and clothing.

Perfection from development to quality assurance

Products of lifetexsafety GmbH are a synonym for safety.

Only perfectly processed goods, extensively tested in quality assurance, leaves the works and get to be worn in one of the many application areas.

Furthermore, lifetexsafety GmbH is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

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