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Maximum individuality for your requirements

Our in-house development department produces technologically sophisticated protective clothing for a wide range of applications.
In extensive material and application tests, our products are thoroughly tested and continuously perfected.

Whether for use in police and fire departments, in civil defense, in the nuclear or pharmaceutical industry, in biological laboratories, in disease control, the chemical industry or even in military use - lifetexsafety protective clothing is perfectly matched to their respective application areas and thus offers best possible protection for the wearer.

From development through to quality assurance – only perfection is enough for lifetexsafety

Products of lifetexsafety GmbH are a synonym for safety.

Only perfectly processed goods, extensively tested in quality assurance, leaves the works and get to be worn in one of the many application areas.
Furthermore, lifetexsafety GmbH is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

Our Standard protects your Life

For more than 25 years, the lifetexsafety GmbH develops innovative protective clothing against nuclear, biological or chemical threats, which offers, apart from its excellent protective effect, perfect fit and highest wearing comfort. lifetexsafety products do not let invisible enemies get to the wearer and offer him additionally maximum freedom of movement.

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